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Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da: Paul McCartney’s Childhood Home Under The Hammer

4 Feb

paul mccartney front door for sale

Perhaps it was the whopping £6,875 that someone gave for Paul McCartney’s old front door alone, which prompted the owners of Paul McCartney’s former childhood home to put the house under the hammer.

Or maybe it was the fact John Lennon’s childhood home (9 Newcastle Road) sold at auction for a spectacular £480,000 (off a guide of £150,000).  Or even that George Harrison’s childhood home (25 Upton Green) can raise an incredible £156,000 at auction – when comparable properties are worth way, way less. (more…)

Why You Need To Read The Legals BEFORE You View Auction Property

3 Feb

So I know that I ALWAYS have to read the legal pack before viewing a property.

Especially when the property is leasehold (how many issues have I highlighted before – here’s some examples herehere and here!).

Anyway, the thing is, sometimes with auction properties the legal packs come in later than you would like and you happen to be in the area sooner than the legal packs arrive.

Which is what happened with a flat I liked the look of in Wanstead, London.

I was going to be in the area and so thought I would nip by and see it.

Here’s the vid and the pics:


The OMG! Blingtastic Home Under The Hammer (With One Of The Largest Lounge’s In The Country)

30 Jan

Property auctions are well known hunting grounds for homes needing renovation.  But today I can offer you out-and-out *BLING!!!!* instead of the usual “bleurgh…but it has potential”.

Here is:

The Watergrove Manor, Lower House Lane, Lancashire, OL12 9PL

Watergrove manor

It’s being sold at Allsop auctions on 12 Feb 2015 (lot 180).  Guide is £1.5M+ (more…)

5 Christmas Cracking Auction Properties You Will Want To Stuff Your Stocking With!

10 Dec

Christmas may be around the corner, but that’s no excuse not to be in the property auction rooms.  December is a mammothly busy month – and a fabulous time of year to buy.

Here’s my Festive Five:

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. . . 

surrey church

St Mary’s Church, Old Compton Lane, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 8EG

Guide price: £250,000 (more…)

Why Garages Are The Hot New Property Development Kids On The Block

26 Nov

Long gone are the days when garages were where you parked your car.  Over-flowing full of stuff you probably didn’t even know you owned, London garages are a golden ticket for many vendors – and for some creative buyers – a lottery ticket to property development riches.  Forget about the streets being paved with gold – it’s driveways and garages which are the big winners nowadays!

Garages for sale in London are big business.  The prices paid for these scraps of land and corrugated iron may be jaw dropping – but, for those in the know – garage property development is where the BIG money’s at. (more…)