Finding More Happy

Writing More Happy Found Me More Happy

So I know it seems like I suddenly stopped writing, which I did. But not in reality.

What actually happened was this: I found myself writing so much about finding more happy I ended up writing a proposal for a new book – which I am now writing!


That means I’ve now closeted myself away to write in my made-up world and I’m loving it!

I have been out a few times to see what’s happening in the world…

This guinea pig sanctuary in Buckinghamshire was a particular highlight:

I was also a guest on a podcast talking about my property journey – you can listen to it here.

And then I was invited to an awards ceremony at the House of Commons to drink champagne on the terrace. You. Do. Not. Need. To. Ask. Me. Twice.

So, that’s a round-up of life so far!

Hopefully, I’ll emerge from my writing cave soon with a spanking new novel 🙂

Until then x

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