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Stopping Damp & Spreading Happy (FMH: 17)

So I think being in property is an occupational hazard, and I can tell you from a recent visit to a friend’s new rental flat, it’s also an embarrassment.

I don’t know why I cannot shut my mouth when I see a damp patch on the ceiling. And I don’t know why I feel compelled to tell you about issues with condensation, ventilation and inadequate fans in bathrooms and kitchens. And I don’t know why I cannot stop my eyeballs from scanning ceiling seams for signs of damp spores. Or behind units – but that’s rather more difficult to get away rather than just a cursory glance. Excuse me while I just look behind your wardrobe…

Anyway, I blame it on the weather. Fact is, when it’s cold people don’t like opening their windows. They want to shut up warm, have lots of heat and think about how not to be cold. The problem is, they forget that properties need to breathe – and we as humans create a lot of hot air. I’m not going to get all boring on you here, and this story does go somewhere which made me happy – and it is this: I gave my yawnsome (though practical advice) to my new neighbours who were complaining about damp (which I knew would be condensation), and how they were having to run a dehumidifier all the time.

“Just leave your bedroom window open at night, just a little, that’s it, that’s all you need and you’ll be sorted.”

The neighbour girl looked at me in disbelief. Seriously, I could see her rolling her eyes at me even though she was staring right at me. Her expression was saying: WTF. Are you seriously telling me to open my frigging window? That’s your expert advice…

I nodded to her voiceless, disbelieving expression and concluded again, for emphasis, the simplicity and effectiveness of my advice.

The subject got changed and I thought nothing more of it. Until today, because today I have learned my eyeball-rolling-suspicious-of-my-simple-advice-condensation-suffering-neighbour has taken my advice.

Hey presto it worked!

So here I am not only making more happy – I’m also preventing more damp spores in the world J

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