Finding More Happy

Sending And Receiving More Happy (FMH: 16)

Today has started immensely well. From the warm cocoon of my bed at some time before 5am my brain flicked on and started whirring.


That was it. Over and over again.

I peeled my eyelids open. It was still dark. Very dark.

“You must plan your day around writing”, “You must make time for writing”, the sage advice of the pro-writers bore down on my sleepy little brain cells.

I pulled myself out of bed like some kinda rocket. I was to get up. Get going. Kettle on, laptop on, fingers buzzing.

Two hours and 2659 words later and I felt satiated. Whatever else happens today, I’ve written.

But then my day got better. A friend of mine emailed me who’s read my blog, she’d written me a lovely email telling me how I’d made her laugh and how she felt she was right there with me. And she shared a link with me to Action for Happiness.

I hadn’t come across it before, but I loved it. Before I knew it I’d bought the book, downloaded the happy calendar, followed them on Twitter and looked up the closest Happy café.

Life is better when you’re looking for more happy. People want to send you more happy. And that makes you even happier. It’s a lovely, scrummy happy circle.

And so today I’m sharing this happy calendar with you for January. I want to share the happy and hope you can find more happy too and that makes me even happier 🙂

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