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The Problem With To-Do Lists (FMH: 14)

Jesus Christ, this virus I thought had gone away has come back again. My throat is swollen and my head is pounding.

And we have no water.

Outside its -2 degrees so I figure maybe the pipes have frozen. I wait patiently in a telephone queue for a little under an hour to report the fault to Thames Water who apologise profusely and assure me the problem will be fixed shortly. Given it affects a load of people in a number of postcodes I cross my fingers they’ll find a solution sooner than if it was just me without water.

Of course, the obvious problem with no water is a) you can’t make tea b) you can’t go to the loo. Both of which are things I do like to do.

Fortunately, a few hours later and the water supplies are back online.

In the meantime, I’ve busied myself with things from my to-do list which I don’t want to do and which appear to be the bane of my life. And so, as I don’t have water or the ability to care about such things, I decide to shove my to-do list under a pile of crap to do another day. You know sometimes these things just need to be left to sort themselves.

Lol. Writing that, even I’m aware how weak that sounds. But hey, I think sometimes we try too hard to try and solve problems which, if left alone for long enough, will sort themselves out.

Lol. Writing that, even I’m aware of the wishful thinking.

I’ve just looked up and cast a glance at the crystal my friend bought me and which resides in my window sill.

There was a super wolf, red, blue, something, moon last night, I’m sure it’s fully charged and ready to sort all of these things out for me.

Lol. Hey, here’s hoping! I’m going to continue my wormhole of internet podcasts about I don’t know what but I’m sure I’m educating myself by some sort of electrical osmosis that will see me transported to someone tomorrow who will care more about everything and will see to it that stuff happens as it should do 🙂

Update: I decided to find more happy in my food cupboard. I made this delicious macaroni cheese and then decided to take a bunch of pills and still go to the comedy night as planned.

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