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The India Club: A BYOB With A Difference (FMH: 12)

There’s nothing I love more than a kooky place that doesn’t conform to expectations and today’s visit to the India Club in the Strand, is totally up there with not meeting expectations.

First off, if you do go there, don’t have any high expectations about the food. While as a country, curry maybe the UK’s number one food choice – this fact pretty much seems to have passed this establishment by. I’m not saying it’s inedible, it’s just not really very good.

Anyway, I reckon that’s by the by, because if you do go here – you should go for the experience.

The experience of the India Club is like no other Indian restaurant you will go to – especially not in central London. Because the fact is, this place appears to be running on some sort of unheard-of-non-commercial lines. The food is cheap (even if it isn’t very good), you can bring your own booze and you can stay for hours on end and the staff say nada.

Seriously, I’ve never been to such a chilled, cosy, comfy place in the Capital where you sit on squashy sofas, admire retro décor and put the world to rights for so many hours on end.

Full marks for finding happy today – the India club enabled lots of quality time with friends 🙂

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