Finding More Happy

Gifting The Victorian Dolls House Book (FMH:3)

So today to find more happy has been a little bit challenging given the background noise I’m having to deal with – but I guess that’s life – finding more happy is a way to overcome that noise and look for the proverbial silver lining on the shit-storm surrounding you.

Given I had stuff to do, I decided maybe happiness could be found in the gym. A few minutes later on the rowing machine and I’m not feeling it. So I try a few sit-ups, a few squats and a few star jumps.

They don’t really do the trick and so instead I just stretch from top to toe and enjoy the feeling of being alive. Yes, I am here – I am happy.

Then I do a few minutes on the cross-trainer finished off by a pretty sedate ride on the exercise bike.

Happy? Well, I tried. But wanting to try harder I pondered how I could up my finding more happy.

Busy at my computer I heard the neighbours outside unlocking their front door. I sprang into action.

Yanking open my entrance door, I smiled wildly. “Hello, how are you?” I beamed magnificently at my neighbour helping his five-year old daughter up the stairs. We exchange pleasantries before I say: “I’ve bought this book, it’s a beautiful book about Victorian houses and it has pop-ups and things you can open – would you like it?”

Before they can answer, I’ve rushed off to get the book. I hand it to the little girl who looks at it in wide-eyed wonder. Her father looks at me. “Are you sure, that looks a fantastic book, that’s very generous.”

“I’m very sure I say, I hope she likes playing with it as much I did!”

The little girl collapses onto the floor excitedly opening the pages and pulling the papers to reveal the contents.

She looks at me in awe.

“Thank you,” she says, in her gorgeous little-girl’s voice and quickly turns her attention back to the book.

“You’re welcome,” I reply, meaning it from the bottom of my heart.

Yep, found more happy today 🙂

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