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Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da: Paul McCartney’s Childhood Home Under The Hammer

paul mccartney front door for sale

Perhaps it was the whopping £6,875 that someone gave for Paul McCartney’s old front door alone, which prompted the owners of Paul McCartney’s former childhood home to put the house under the hammer.

Or maybe it was the fact John Lennon’s childhood home (9 Newcastle Road) sold at auction for a spectacular £480,000 (off a guide of £150,000).  Or even that George Harrison’s childhood home (25 Upton Green) can raise an incredible £156,000 at auction – when comparable properties are worth way, way less.

Whatever way – Beatle-mania is alive and kicking – and even if the property isn’t a shrine to the Walrus being, cornflake sitting egg-man, it’s still got musical heritage – and that’s what it’s all about!

Guided at a temptingly low “come-and-buy-me” £100,000+ – this property has all the hallmarks of making Liverpool housing history.  Despite it’s rather humble looking facade!

72 Western Ave, Speke, Liverpool, Merseyside L24 3US

paul mccartney home for sale
Here is where Paul McCartney lived with his parents until the mid 1950s.  He was just four years old when in 1947 his parents moved into this council house.
Inside the three bedroom property is well presented – with no discernible trace of any Beatles (!)


The auctioneers are expecting lots of interest – both nationally and internationally.

Stephen Giddins from Entwistle Green says the property has a “unique history” and “The Beatles, arguably one of the biggest bands of all time, still attract thousands of visitors to Liverpool each year” and will “undoubtedly be a sought after property for any keen Beatles enthusiast wishing to own a significant part of Paul McCartney’s history in the form of a well presented home”.

Of course, one wonders what the new owner will do with the property.  20 Forthlin Road, one of Paul McCartney’s previous childhood homes’, is owned by the National Trust and they run regular tours combining the childhood homes of John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney.  Buying up Western Avenue could make this a fab trio for Beatles fans visiting the Liverpool area.  And a rather wonderful “Magical Mystery Tour”!

Alternatively, I wouldn’t be surprised if an entrepreneurial AirBnB-er gets in on this and lists the house in all it’s musical glory at a whopping nightly rate “Eight Days a Week”!!

But, what will be interesting to see (although, I doubt if we’d ever know or find out) is if Paul McCartney himself bids to own his own bit of housing history.  If his memories of the place are as fond as he says – then why wouldn’t he want to own his own roots?

How about you – would you buy back any of your childhood homes?

Paul McCartney’s former childhood home: 72 Western Avenue goes to auction at the renowned Cavern Club in Liverpool at 7pm on 26 Feb 2015.

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