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Want To Know A Secret?

sweetie_belle___squee__by_martybpix-d4piscrI think I may *burst*.

Like, seriously.

I am so full of excitement, happiness and hope I daren’t touch anything sharp.

I just may well pop!

And I really hope you will share in my excitement.

I’ve been working on a secret squirrel project for yonks – and it’s a *thing* which loads of you have asked me about over the years.

It’s a *thing* which I always wanted to give you.  To share with you.  So you could join with me on a great new adventure.

* * *

The idea was simple: How can I share the inside world of auctions?

Well, figuring that I wrote the book, how hard could it be I said to myeslf? (Jeez, that was a noncey thing to say!)

Anyhow, I started with these questions (forged from many reader questions)

How can I give you the key to all the thousands of properties which get sold under the hammer every year?


How can I make it easy, fun and fast to conveniently get you the stuff you need to know at your finger tips?

And those were the questions which kick-started the entire secret squirrel project which I have been working on.  It’s taken far longer and cost way more than I ever expected.  And I have learned software development is just as fraught as property development.  If not, more so!

But, development is development.  And right now we have made a start.  And it is just a start.

I have lots of bigger ideas and plans, but before I embark on anything more I really need your feedback.  I need to know what you want.

That way, we can build and develop this product in line with your needs and wants.

So right now, *cue tremulous drum roll*…

Nerve wracking as this is, it’s over to you to tell me what you think about Biddsy. And, before you ask; Yes, it’s free!

We’re set to go live soon and I would love to have you on board from the start and hear what you think and want from this.

This is the first step.  I hope there will be many more.  But, I need your help to define the next steps.

  1. rob

    Is this going to be an online auction site? If so, would that be live, like in an auction room, but over Skype or similar?
    Either way, it s very exciting! Count me in!


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