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Do NOT Read. Unless You Want The Most Epic Property Renovation Project EVER!!!


How often do you find a property where you can really (and I mean REALLY) get your renovation claws in?

And this is a deep-claws (and deep-pockets) project.

Unbelievably gorgeous.  Unloved.  Untouched.  I fell off my chair in absolute lust and wet scrummy-ness when I saw this:

Langleigh Cottage (Derelict Cottage)

And there’s so much more – and it gets soooooooooo exciting!!!!

Contain yourself.

Let me tell you about Langleigh, Ilfracombe, Devon, EX34.

See, I told you it was sexy.  This is Devon.

And you know what – the guide is £150k.

But, I’ve gotta be straight.  It’s unlikely you’re going to raise a mortgage on this, unless you find an incredibly lovely lender (!)

So, why am I so heart-achingly-lovingly-longingly-obsessed with this derelict mess of a place?




Those are the 3 words which, for me, sum this place up.


Maybe it’s me.

I am just so overly head-over-heels in lovey-lustiness with this place.

Let me tell you more…

It’s a 4 bedroom character cottage which needs full tender loving care (i.e. complete renovation) together with a separate, but attached, derelict two storey cottage.  The auctioneers understand this building was once occupied and comprised further accommodation and was known as Langleigh Fernery.  It’s not known if this property was ever a separate unit.

The main cottage has two storey accommodation with a lounge, dining room, kitchen area, bathroom and conservatory on the ground floor with 4 bedrooms on the first floor.  Accessed from the garden, at the rear of the cottage, there is a workshop with a loft area.



Langleigh is situated in a sylvan setting (posh word for woodland) and nestled at the foot of the National Trust owned Torrs in grounds of approx 0.4 acres.

Can’t you hear the rustle of the leaves?

Excuse me, while I forage for berries and start making some jam….

But, I told you this place was sexy – while offering open views and considerable privacy in it’s picturesque setting, it’s located just one mile away from the town centre and sea front.

Oh! Isn’t it just fan-bloody-tastic!


And there’s more….


Not only is this the most gorgeously charming (and challenging project) there’s massive potential to develop the site (subject to planning) to create a hugely, gorgeous country-seaside home.  On top of that, there’s also the relishing opportunity to revamp the gardens, which amongst the mature trees, have a range of derelict stone outbuildings, that maybe you could re-instate.

Oh I am dreaming of a tree-house writing room….

Seriously.  This project is rare.  It’s charming, it’s packed full of potential and offers the most fun you’ve had in years.

This property when complete, I am sure, will offer the utmost in Devonian creamy charm.

And I am already just so bloody jealous of whoever bags this beauty.

Because this will be so much fun!

You know you love it.  You’ve got plenty of time to see it – the auction’s not till November 14th (I’m being such an eager, early bird!).

Please if you buy it, let me know.  I’m desperate to live vicariously through you 🙂

  1. Richard Greenland

    Wow indeed! In that location I would expect it to go well over guide and I wouldn’t be surprised if it cracked £250K although the steeply sloping ground might put some people off. It should make a really beautiful home or pair of homes. And yes, it does look like a money-pit 🙂

    1. Jonathan

      With a building that’s been abandoned that long it may well end up being cheaper to demolish and rebuild on the same footprint. As you found on your last one there’s always extra problems to be found, so the contingency would have to be huge for a refurb.

    1. Sam

      Alex, thanks for sharing your project. I have eyeballed your words “the process was a huge amount of fun” – confirming my optimistic assumptions! I’m also thinking if Guinness was your sustenance during the hairy times in Ireland, I reckon it will be clotted cream scones and pots of ‘laced’ tea in Devon!

  2. Nicole

    I. WANT. IT. NOW. Go you halves? What a top property. I can see many girls weekends there and a holiday let with separate yoga/art/whatever studio in the little cottage.

        1. Sam

          Yes, I’ve just seen an email the auctioneers had sent me about this. I’m sworn to secrecy on the price paid prior, but personally I think the buyer got it at a good price.

  3. Sophie

    i know this is an old post, but i was doing some research for my in laws…the people who bought this place!
    the derelict house is amazing, there’s no floor / ceilings and all the wallpaper and photos on the wall are still in tact.

    We’ve just about cleared the garden, re done the roof and made the inside live-able…
    We are keeping the glass exterior

    1. Sam

      Sophie, thanks so much for getting in touch. I would love to see any progress photos. While I don’t write the blog anymore, I still love property and this was a superb project that I would love to follow and know more about. Please email me if you have time. Thanks. Sam

    2. K

      Hi Sophie, I am looking into my family tree and my grandma used to live in this house! I am so hoping you cold tell me some history or what’s happened to the house, any reply at all would be appreciated. It’s been a long journey and this house is a huge clue, the only clue we have! Hope to hear from you, K

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