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Why You Should Always Ask For MORE! (Week 3 At The Easy Buy To Let Experiment)

Finding out I needed new windows in the “easy” buy to let property has been a bit of a blow.  Not only has it dented the budget by several thousands, it’s also created delays.

Never good.  Especially not when you’re short on time.

So I knew from the beginning the windows were going to take 3-4 weeks to be installed upon placing my order.

But I also knew I had to shop around.  Double glazing ain’t cheap and if you’re going to spend the best part of a second-hand car budget on glass to look out of – you want to feel you got a deal.

Anyway, I’ve duly vied for the best prices and asked for deeper and deeper discounting…and I feel I’ve got a fair price.  I’m not going for the cheapest budget buy to let stuff – plus I’m also replacing the back and front door.  I’ve got some extra touches such as Georgian bars at the front ( I wanted to match my neighbours in the street), trickle vents (a must in tenanted properties) and a few other bells and whistles that only double glazing aficionados will appreciate.

The grand total was £3100 – which I didn’t think was bad – even if I was feeling tight.

From the start, the window company knew I was on a tight schedule, which was why when they called me with my install date I choked a chicken.

“Sorry”  I replied when I heard the install date…“Did you just say the work will be complete on the 11 August?”

The reply was the affirmative.

Which in my mind was not good enough.  Sure, maybe it fits with their service level agreements and customer expectations and all that BS they feed you, so you don’t ask too much.

But, they hadn’t realised that not only did I write the Rule Book – I also *DO* my own advice (Rule 3: Ask for more)

Which was what I did.

The install manager harrumphed a lot about suitable, qualified fitters, something else about about wanting to get the best people on the job (I expected nothing less) and some other such stuff which meant he faffed around in my ear for a while.

But, despite his protestations at the install date, I would not give up.

I wanted my windows earlier.  So I continued to ask for that.

He said he wouldn’t make any promises – but he would make a couple of calls.

Just two hours later and the windows are being installed on the 31 July and 1 August – which means completion is a whole 10 days earlier than before.

Now in the grand scheme of things, that may not seem a lot – but let us not forget this is a buy to let property which could be renting at £300 per week.  That means every day lost is equivalent to lost revenue of £42.73 per day.  Multiply that by the 10 days delay – and the total is: £427.39 of lost income which the property could be earning.

And I didn’t want that situation.

So I asked for more.  Please.

And I got more 🙂

Never be afraid to ask for more.  You may just surprise yourself with what you get!

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