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Yay It’s Publication Day! Property Investment: The Essential Rules Are Here! (Free Sample Link)

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If you want to get into property investment, or currently own property and want to get the most out of what you’ve got – check out Property Investment: The Essential Rules.  It’s published today and I’m incredibly proud of this book (You can get a free sample here).

It contains, what I consider, to be The Rules if you want to make money out of property and ditch the day job.

I make my money from property.  I am no ‘guru’ and do not sell courses.  The only reason I write my books (my first was How to Buy Property at Auction March 2014) are because I love writing and I love sharing.

My blog – which is now four years old – is testament to that.

I write for the love of property.

Property investment is not rocket science, but it is a business.  It is a fun business and you can make a lot of money – but you can also lose money.

What I feel I have achieved with The Essential Rules is to condense all my years of experience into a straight talking comprehensive guide to property investment.  I split the book into four parts: Personal Rules, Property Rules, Business Rules and Customer Rules because I believe these are the four core areas you need to focus on if you want to succeed.

I am sure you will also have your own Rules – and I would love to hear more.  No Rule book is ever complete and, of course, maybe there are some Rules which can be broken…!!

I would love to hear your feedback on the book – and would be especially grateful if you could also leave reviews on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy reading The Essential Rules as much as I enjoyed writing them – and just for you – I have created a free sample so you can see what’s in store!


You may have noticed I’ve been running a little photo countdown of The Essential Rules – I would LOVE for you to share any you take – here’s a little selection so far…

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Lee

    Well i’ve read it already, brilliant book with many lessons that you can dip into and out of as and when you need a bit of advice on a certain area. Well done Sam, glad I pre-ordered it now!

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