Yippee! The Property Rules Are Here!!!

When the doorbell rang this morning I didn’t expect to be taking delivery of my new book: Property Investment: The Essential Rules.

But, I’m delighted to share with you my brand new spanking book being published 17 July:

Property Rules property rules

And I’m really dead chuffed.  I know I’m the author, but I have to tell you I’m really proud of this book.  In the much hyped world of property and guru-dom, I think this book is refreshingly real – and very actionable.

Plus – I love the fact this book was written according to my Rules.

Which is why you have the orange cover and NO picture.

I fought damn hard with my publishers to get that cover.  The publishers told me orange wasn’t a traditional colour for a property investment book.  To which I replied: I am not your traditional property investor.

And this is not your traditional property investment book.  For one thing – I don’t have chapters.  Chapters take too long for people to read and I know you’re busy – you need to know stuff now, no BS.

The other thing is that it kicks butts (or so I have been told!)

That makes me happy – because this book was designed to get you moving.  The “Go For It” boxes are there to encourage you to take action, because ideas are great, but action is what really matters – no matter how small.  Action is what separates those who do, from those who dream.

And I want you to be a doer and to achieve your dreams.

Because for me, writing and publishing this book is a dream come true.

And here’s some sneaky pics of the new book (which you can order now) that I took on my iPhone!

I hope you enjoy!


  1. Adam Sturdy

    I will certainly buy and read this book, I’ve just read your first book, and it was great. Very concise and most importantly a fun read, which is a refreshing change to some business / property books!
    Any book that I stay awake reading on a transatlantic flight is certainly a bonus! Thank you, I’ll certainly say hi if I see you in a auction room.

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