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My Frivolous Friday Auction Property Feature: Michael Jordan’s House

This Friday my frivolous property auction purchase would be:

The NBA Star And Greatest Basketball Player of All Time Michael Jordan’s House: Legend Point, Highland Park, Chicago, IL, USA

“Why?” I hear you cry…


“Greatness rubs off”…Watch and drool!

* * * Update * * *

This auction has now been postponed with no new time or date given!

  1. Midlands Landlord

    Ick. Nooooooo. The sort of place that Russell Brand might aspire to.

    Doors from the playboy mansion, cigar room, and 4 different lounge-snugs so he can multitask 4 starlets.

    Does anyone really want a 56,000 sf house with somebody else’s logo all over it, and a gimmick pool where you can’t swim lengths?

    It appears to have failed to sell in March 2012, so perhaps they are struggling to move it.

    Shall we have a competition?

    I predict $18 million dollars.

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