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OMG!!! This Is A Loo With A View

I am nosy.  I’ll admit it.  I cannot walk past an interesting building without pausing to take a closer look…

Which is how I managed to find myself in some former loos on the promenade in Sheringham, Norfolk.

The poor tradesman who I accosted was quietly trying to have a sneaky fag-break until I strolled along and interrupted his peace.

And demanded a full tour.

And would you believe it, without any prior planning or knowledge I ended up in some public toilets which had been sold at auction two years earlier.

This is what they looked like before:

sheringham loos

And then they got snapped up by a local builder for £104k as a thirtieth wedding anniversary present to his wife (note to self: ask for bigger gifts in future).

So what do they look like now?

Well, the Norfolk loos are still a work in progress – but WOW – what an awesome transformation:

Sheringham loo refurbishment

And just take a look at the sea front location:

Sheringham loo refurbishment

Inside, the work is still ongoing to transform these once derelict toilets into a luxury holiday home – but you can already see how gorgeous this is going to be when complete.  Here is one of the two bedrooms (both are en-suite):

Sheringham loo refurbishment Sheringham loo refurbishment

With a gorgeous spiral staircase which links the three floors:

Sheringham loo refurbishment

And a fantastic lounge with wrap-around balconies and full floor-to-ceiling glazing which takes advantage of the spectacular, panoramic views of the sea, beach and promenade:

Sheringham loo refurbishmentSheringham loo refurbishmentSheringham loo refurbishment

The imagination and work which has gone into converting these former public toilets is fantastic.  This really will be a fabu-loo-sly gorgeous holiday home with incredible views once the work is complete.

And I had to smile when I heard what the owners plan to call their new holiday home: “Wee Retreat”

      1. Sam

        I think the windows are triplex and specially insulated so shouldn’t be too much of an issue – you’d probably suffer more from being too hot in the summer!

        Do you think Norfolk looks miserable?

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