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How To Buy Property At Auction: OMG I Am A Published Author!!!

publishing meetingHaving lunch with your publishers is always exciting.  Exciting in the way that you are also terrified.  Like when you are in the queue for a roller coaster ride.  You desperately want to experience the thrill of the ride, but you’re also scared.

So that’s how I felt yesterday when I met with my publishers.

It was raining and I had no umbrella or jacket.  I was dressed highly inappropriately for such inclement weather – in a little dress and heels.  Feeling more like a soiled cat than Carrie Bradshaw, I am ashamed to admit I positively minced my way through Bloomsbury.  But then I think that’s probably expected there.

Lunch was good.  In fact, it was more than good.  There is exciting talk on the horizon.

How to Buy Property at Auction
How to Buy Property at Auction

And possibly the best news of all, was to discover I am now a *proper* published author.  My book How to Buy Property at Auction is available on Amazon (pre-order) and I have to say that makes me feel rather proud.

Although saying that would be an understatement.

A more accurate description would be: WOW! WOW! WOW!

  1. Richard Watters

    Well done. Out of interest what was the motivation for writing it – to get it out of your system, to inform/educate others, to build your credibility, to make money, etc?
    And how long did it take to write? Did you discipline yourself to do x hours per day or just do it when you had the time?

    1. Sam

      Thanks Richard.

      The reason I wrote it was because I love what I do and I wanted to share the magic of buying property at auction with other people.

      This is the first book of its kind on property auctions and I felt very proud and excited to be able to write it.

      I did have to be very disciplined and regularly turned off my wifi to enable me to focus.

      As for the writing process, it was so mammothly enjoyable I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

      1. Chris

        Hi Sam – great news. Publisher details say 20 March 2014 – is that when it is getting released? Is it a basic book on auctions or for someone a bit more seasoned in property?

        1. Sam

          Thanks Chris, yes 20 March 2014 is release date.

          I guess it all depends on your experience level with buying property at auction.

          I think this blurb should give you an idea of the contents:

          Buying property at auction is nerve-wracking, exhilarating and can be hugely profitable – as long as you know the pitfalls to avoid. In this step-by-step guide you will learn why so many successful developers and investors buy at auction – and how you can buy and profit from property auctions.Offering expert tips and guidance you will be walked through the property auction process from start to finish – and be equipped with the knowledge you need to profit from property auctions.Comprehensive and easy to follow, the guide is packed full of case studies, expert tips and watch points for the novice property auction buyer. The guide features: how to find auction property; tips for viewing; preparation checklist; how to calculate your bid price; research the market; raise finance; costs works; check legal paperwork; auction sale day; after the auction; real tales of auction buys; and, a directory of auction houses.

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