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How To GET RICH Without Getting Out Of Bed

The headline for the property investment would have probably been something along these lines.

And it probably would have been accompanied by a smiley man posing next to his gleaming red Ferrari because he is so RICH!


You too could be a MILLIONAIRE OVERNIGHT!!!

property investment

No more working a job you hate for a pittance, scraping by and trying to make ends meet.


And you don’t even need your own money: you can use OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY!!!

But you have to act SUPER FAST!!!

All you have to do is click on the button to GET RICH NOW!!!

That’s all it takes – one click and you’re RICH!!!

And yes, it may be an over-use of exclamation marks – but that’s because the offer is SO remarkable!!!

And YOU too can soon be be all smiles, fancy Ferraris and bragging about your vehicular cock size in all your profile pictures.

property investment

Because when you invest in property you GET RICH overnight.

Yes, I reckon that’s what all the marketing blurb would have said.

And then the soon-to-be-millionaire-property-investor would have gone along to some meeting room in a hotel off a motorway and been told about how he can buy properties with other people’s money – or maybe even NO MONEY DOWN and then he would’ve signed up for some extortionately expensive course costing thousands which imparted all the little known secrets of property investment.

property investment

And it would’ve been an UNBELIEVABLE investment opportunity.

But, don’t you worry – because you have not missed out.

Your opportunity can be NOW!!!!

This is an INCREDIBLE ONCE-IN-A-LIFE TIME investment opportunity – and it could be yours.

And I am being facetious.

But if you fancy your chances – this bunch of terraced houses in Accrington, Lancashire are being sold at Eddisons auctions with guide prices starting at £10k.

property investmentproperty investmentproperty investmentproperty investmentproperty investmentproperty investmentproperty investmentproperty investment

They’re being sold by the receivers – which is a stark warning for anybody who thinks property is easy money, or some sort of armchair investment.

Because the fact is: you need to do your homework.

The yields may sound terrific (bought at £10k and rented at £375pcm would give you a gross yield of 45%) but if nobody wants to live there (and they don’t –  the county has the highest percentage of derelict and deserted houses in the country) you’re not going to achieve those yields.  No where even close.

We may have a housing shortage in the UK – but there are housing shortages and housing shortages.

So next time you see an article or an ad about how you too can GET RICH QUICK with property investment – just remember there is no QUICK in how to get rich.  In fact, the fastest way to get rich is to tell other people how to get rich.

    1. Sam

      Hi thanks for your reply.

      I don’t doubt u can make money in this sort of market but it will not be easy, glam or overnight

      Done right and with experience I wouldn’t be surprised if you could make a small fortune

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