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Please Can You Evict Me?

That’s what the text from the tenant said: “Please can you evict me”.

Like I am giving out some sort of f*cking sweets.

But, what do you expect when you rent to a benefit claimant who thinks the only way to get a bigger/ better/ improved house is to get evicted by their current landlord and go to the council complaining about said landlord to get a new house.

F*CK the idea of getting off your arse and getting a job and maybe even earning any money to get a bigger/ better/ improved house.

No – why bother.

That’s all too much like hard work.

I’ll just ask my landlord to “Evict me please” by text and then I can go running to the council and use tax-payers money so I can get a new place to live.

I am so disgusted it’s untrue.

So I just replied: “NO”

That was that.

Why should I incur hassle, costs and inconvenience so the tenants can get a new house for free and without doing anything?

The tenants have a perfectly adequate house and the council pay the rent on time and direct to me.

Why should I have to foot the bill even more for their errant wants?  I am already subsidising their lifestyle via my tax bill – why should I give even more?  It does not say “CHARITY” across my forehead – nor anywhere in my business description.

And what I don’t take kindly to is now the threats and bribery which  have followed my negative response:

“We have found another house we want to move to. Please can you just evict us”

“Our benefits are now going to be stopped anyway so please just evict us”

“Look just send us an eviction notice as they are going to stop paying the rent”

And this has made me very angry.

I am angry at the tenants I have and I am angry at the state of our country.  I have provided a good property, at a cheap price for these tenants to live in and call their own.  Their home.  But now that they’ve decided they want a new home, they want me to be the bad guy – me to be the nasty landlord who evicts tenants for no reason.

Well the reason is: You fucking asked for it!



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  1. Iain

    We had a similar thing but we wanted to get rid of the tenant anyway as she was a pain in the ass. She had the same plan as your tenant but she was given a crappy run down house in a housing estate that is probably twinned with Beirut. Serves her right 🙂

    1. Sam

      Hi, thanks for sharing. Well, we will see what happens with my lot. What frustrates me is the mentality – it’s this “entitlement psychology”. Plus, why is it I have to be the bad guy and be the scapegoat?

  2. roberta ward

    The problem that exists with some members of society society who expect everything to be cheap or free, and to be done for them, is a big one. Getting your landlord to evict you is really a kind of crime- ie fraud. They want you to lie on their behalf so that they can get what they want.
    Your tenant is obviously to stupid to realise when they are on to a good thing. Asking for eviction to be made homeless rarely leads to a better place to live, as Iain said, it will often lead to something worse.
    And yet, the costs of finding new tenants, doing repairs etc would not ever enter their head because they get something too cheaply to care.These kinds of people expect to be mothered by the state their whole life.

    I for one, am sick to death of landlords being labeled the fall guys for everything bad about housing. This is a government issue not a landlord issue. They own the system, they should do something about it.

    1. Sam

      I agree Roberta.

      I have had it up to here with reading about the housing crisis and benefit cuts – and how tenants suffer – yet landlords are expected to roll over and pick up the bill day after day.

      I have tenants in a perfectly good property paying the most basic of rents (a council would never be able to provide my property at such a low rent) and yet I am treated like dirt. I am no longer willing to pick up the housing bill from these types of people. And I am no longer willing to be treated like this.

  3. LancsPropLady

    Oh Sam, no wonder you are fuming. It will serve them right if they get a flea-ridden hell hole, but they probably won’t. They will no doubt bounce to another private landlord, till they get bored again!

  4. Louise

    Am definitely with you on “entitlement psychology” which is all too rife, even if you put it in rather fruity language, but I guess that’s because you are seething.

      1. Fred

        You may now end up with a trashed house.

        Plan B could be to evict, then drop a note to the Council that the Eviction was “on request”.

  5. Neil Chadda

    I have been through this twice now, after taking over a few tenanted properties. I discovered that some councils are (informally) advising council tenants to seek eviction to make the case for rehousing stronger. It is a sad state of affairs. That said, if the tenants are looking to be evicted I would rather they ask me, than employ more costly tactics i.e. rent arrears, anti-social behaviour, damaging the property.

    It may make yours/my blood boil but in the long term it may be worth biting the bullet, issue the section 21 and pay the 150 odd quid to get the accelerated possession order and wash your hands of the situation.

    I could be wrong, as a new landlord be keen to know your thoughts. Enjoy reading your blog…very informative.

    1. Sam

      Hi Neil,

      Thanks for your comments.

      For now we have reached a stalemate. I requested a tradesman attend on my behalf so that I could check the condition of the property and so far they have made up a multiple of excuses so that he has not yet managed to gain entry. I have advised them until he has checked the property that I will not issue an eviction notice. My obvious concerns are that they have already trashed the house…

      We will see.

  6. Paul Davis

    Whoa, hold the bus guys! We all suffer from the freebie/gimme/gimme syndrome to some greater or lesser extent, for example I am posting this on wordpress template hosted on ….(hold on just pinging it) yup in the US with go daddy. What is wrong with UK suppliers?

    Word press suddenly a paid for service?

    How many of you guys opt for the freebie options when dealing over the internet? Every one looks for something for nothing. But there is nothing free in reality anywhere, there is always the piper to pay whatever tune we dance to. Point the accusing finger at anyone or anything and usually we have 3 more pointing back at ourselves. What is different in principle about you looking for easy options everywhere rather than some tenant with slight attitude?

    Generally we have handed everything to our youngsters on a plate not wanting them to struggle, so is it any surprise they learn to be unreasonable? or put another way (in their terms) you are being unreasonable for not seeing it THEIR way! What is it to you anyway? You are the lucky one and because you own two or more houses or WORK for a living you are lucky and rich so you should help…….err……pay………errr shouldn’t you?????

    Hmmm……….. makes you laugh really 🙂

    Sam had no idea you lived so close! Small world eh?

    1. Sam

      I think there is a difference between getting something for free and believing you are entitled to something for free.

      Most people know there is no such thing as a free lunch, but some people believe they are entitled to a free lunch.

    2. Homeli

      WordPress in an open source project made by people who enjoy programming. It works better than a lot of paid solutions as well. Sam does use a premium theme by Woothemes however. Godaddy is the market leader in hosting and if they’re cheaper then they deserve Sam’s custom as the internet is a global marketplace. Maybe the tenant should learn how a real marketplace works.
      Paul this is irrelevant. The tenant is asking Sam to evict them which means more work on her part in finding new tenants and could cause the council to look unfavourably towards her in the future.

  7. wilbur

    Im being evicted from MY home by Chase. A 7 yr nitemare…! But, this crazy story brings a laugh to my scowling face. I feel for you brother.Lord help us all,,WIL

  8. si

    I know this is an old post but only just came across it. I can Imagine you were mad as hell. I just wondered though, now 2(ish) years on what came of the situation?

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