Whats In A Name: How Important Is An Author Name In Publishing?

What should I be called?

That’s my current publishing dilemma.

To most people I am known as “Sam”.  I am sure some people call me other names as well, but I don’t think we need to go there 🙂

My blog is called “What Sam Saw Today”

However, my property auction column in the Evening Standard Homes & Property names me as “Samantha”

Which is fine.

Samantha is my name – it’s just a longer version.  Although, it is the longer version which is otherwise known as my name for when I am in trouble!

I guess the other way to look at this, is that Samantha is the female version of my name.  You don’t get many boys called “Samantha”, but you do get quite a few boys called “Sam”.

Anyway, I am digressing way too much – the dilemma: Do I have my name as Sam Collett or Samantha Collett on the property auction book?

In a way this seems the most trivial thing to be pondering on – on the other hand I think it could be one of the most important things.

What do you think?

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