Am I Brilliant In Blogging?

I swear this April is my most AWESOME month ever!

I have now received an email to excitedly inform me I have been short-listed for a Brilliance in Blogging Award!!


For me to have any chance of getting anywhere I need YOU to vote for me (well, only if you agree I deserve to win an award for Brilliance in Blogging!)

My category is Lifestyle and the criteria is:“These blogs are personality-driven, where bloggers share stories, anecdotes, ideas and experiences about home, personal relationships and what it’s like to be them”

Well, I like to think I do that – so if you agree – vote for me!

So, I hate to beg, but I’m *down on my knees* pretty please move your mouse over the button and VOTE FOR ME!   And, feel free to get any of your friends, family and pets to vote for me – the more votes I get the more chances I have!

All you need to do is click the button, enter your name and email address then scroll down to 15: Choose your favourite blog in the Lifestyle category – and then select What Sam Saw Today

Thank you *BIG KISS*



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