Choose Yourself. Don’t Wait To Be Asked

Five years ago I started writing “Sam’s Auction Tips”.  It was a weekly tip sheet about some of the best buys in the auction rooms.  I pestered friends and family to circulate it.  I really wanted everyone to share in the joy of buying property from auction.

Then (almost) 3 years ago I started writing my blog and that took over from Sam’s Auction Tips

Then 19 days ago I sent an email.

I decided it would be awesome to have my own column in the most popular and widely read property magazine in the UK: Homes & Property in the Evening Standard.

I didn’t know the Editor.  I had never met her or spoken to her (I tried but nobody would put me through!)

So I emailed.

I didn’t actually have a column sample, but I had the germ of an idea which I thought could be awesome.  So that’s what I told her.

25 minutes after I sent that email she replied:  “Drop by and see me sometime”.

So I decided I would and I dropped by 4 days later at their swanky (and slightly intimidating) offices in Kensington.

We discussed, debated and deliberated about the column.  She told me she would give me a trial.

15 days after that meeting, my column in Homes & Property is now REAL.  How AWESOME is that???!!

homes & propertyevening standard


You can see the full article: here

The moral of the story: Choose yourself.  Don’t wait to be asked.


Postscript: My column will not replace my blog – there are too many things I share here which are just NOT publishable 🙂

    1. Sam

      Colin – I firmly believe anything is possible once we believe we can do it and have the passion to keep us going!

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