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YIPPEE!!! Today It’s Property Auction Sale Day

property auction day

I know it’s sad, but I have been counting down the “sleeps” till auction day – although I hardly got any last night!

So today is THE day.  Today is the THE day when I will find out if I am meant to buy this flat in London.

I did have a slight *wobble* late yesterday afternoon, but luckily my friend Wise Brown Owl Claire set me straight.  I’m sure she even muttered some Shamanic verses about “feeling it her bones” that I was destined to buy this flat.  Although, I could be making it up…(wishful thinking is a powerful force!)

So anyway, today is here and now I am about to set off to the auction room.

And I know it’s sad, but after all these years I still get butterflies.  I still get stressed.  And I still get auction nerves…

Or maybe it’s just the fact that for the first time in all these years of buying property at auction I am about to buy (or try and buy!) a property for me.  This is not a straight investment.  It is for me.  And this really confuses the issue.

I have got my forms of ID, I have got my proof of address and I have got my cheque book. I have become OCD with checking my handbag that I have everything I need.  I keep writing and then re-writing my bid limit.

Now I feel I just have to leave.

I just need to make my way there.

If I am up to it (and I promise you I will try) I will twitter live from the property auction room…

Wish me luck and fingers and toes firmly crossed



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