Could This House Offer Be A Home Run???

selling my house myself


Today is a very happy day in the Sam household!  After what has felt like an extraordinarily L-O-N-G time  (137 days) we have accepted an offer on the renovated house

And incredibly the offer was just 2% below asking price.

And incredibly it is being bought by a cash buyer.

And incredibly they want to buy as quickly as we want to sell (completion date target is 28 February 2013).

And incredibly it was Hatched who did the deal!!!!!

And incredibly with Hatched selling the property we will pay just £477.60 to sell the house vs. £3744 with the high street estate agent. Which is a colossal saving of £3266.40.


Now, as you may remember from the start I set out to compare and contrast the differences between online and offline estate agents.  Admittedly, the test started badly as unknown to me my first high street estate agent choice were a bunch of dimwits.  The second estate agent (who I chose on the basis of selling my neighbour’s house) were far superior and actually communicated with me, did viewings and basically made me feel like they were trying to sell my house.

Hatched on the hand, ALWAYS communicated with me.  My personal account manager Joe regularly called me and chased me when I did not call him back quick enough.  Every week I got Rightmove statistics to analyze my property performance, I got feedback from viewings AND Hatched even did viewings for me when I was on holiday or snowed under with work!


I still had doubts.

How would they fare when it actually comes to crunch time and offer negotiations?

I don’t know why I even doubted them.

Negotiations between myself and the buyer were conducted in a personal and effective manner with Joe looking after me every step of the way and making numerous phone calls back and forth until we will all happy.  The Memorandum of Sale has gone out, solicitors details have been exchanged, proof of funds have been requested and a surveyor has been booked.

And I know it’s early days and there are still lots of bridges to cross until we get to sale completion, however I am confident that eventhough I am paying Hatched £3266.40. less than a high street estate agent,  I am actually getting the same, if not, higher level of service.  And that is incredible!



  1. Sue Maxwell Smith

    Are Hatched going to do the sales chasing to get the matter to exchange? That’s when EA’s do the real work…. So if the services differ, ie Hatched versus High Street, then you are not comparing apples with apples.

    1. Sam

      Yes they will – they just happen to be an online agency but offer the same services as an EA. I will keep you updated with progress…

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