Unusual Auction Property

Could SEXY Roads Be My Future Property Cash Cow???

I’m either drunk, stupid or stoned, but I LOVE this auction lot:

Portfolio of Roadways, Industrial Estate, Xxxshire.

roads for sale

And in case you didn’t get it: The property comprises a portfolio of roads within an Industrial Estate.

In fact, they even have an OS map showing the portfolio of roads:

road for sale

I feel I should buy it.

I don’t think anybody in the Mr-Big of The Property World is going to take me seriously unless I have a Portfolio of Roads.

Nah.  I don’t think Mr Big Property People worry about this portfolio of houses malarky – that is so “Recession Depression”You’ve got to think BIGGER and BETTER!

So, I think I’m going to buy the Portfolio of Roads as I have come up with a *stunning* idea the bank manager will love:


road for sale

Yes – and I mean S-E-X-Y.

Like – “WTF, am I in Amsterdam this is so damn sexy?”

Like – manned (or even wo-manned) by actual “Booth Babes”

Like – in sexy booth gear.

When in actual fact….

You’ll just be on a road in an industrial estate.

But, then you will see:

You’re on a road with Sexy Toll Booths otherwise known as (STBs) but not the sort of place where you’ll catch STD’s.

I haven’t decided the price yet – but I reckon the guys won’t mind queuing to pay…

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