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What Sam Bought Today: Diary of a Property Renovation (Day 14)

I’m a big girl and I can admit that today was meant to be the day we originally anticipated finishing the works – but that was with the original spec which I then changed…which has added to the timelines.

However, I am pleased to report we are going to run just a few days over schedule and given the spec changes I am happy with this – personally I think it’s bloody marvelous if I can get this done in such a short space of time given I have been working with an unknown and untested team (note to self: next time build in time allowances for working with new people).

The kitchen is almost finished  – now awaiting delivery of my Neff range and orange glass splashback which are to be the focal point of the kitchen.  The fireplace is looking fab now it has been skimmed and painted white – much more modern than the ugly red brick affair it used to be.  Most rooms have had final coats of paint – but, what happens now is we can actually get access to some of the areas which were previously “out of bounds” due to a collection of building materials or other jobs happening (i.e until the tiles had been fitted and grouted a final paint cannot be done on that room).

So it’s a lot of catching up bits now – still a lot of painting to do, shed loads of caulking and a whole heap of cleaning. My God I have forgotten to tell you that I have already managed to kill two Dysons with the dust (admittedly one was quite old and the other was second hand). The dust is the bain of my life. I swear to God you just never feel clean when doing a property renovation!

Anyway, I am now onto my THIRD vacuum cleaner (yes in 14 days!).  God knows if it will cope with the dust – but I will keep trying.  These vacuums soon give up the ghost with their asthmatic wheezing as I fill their mechanical lungs with the dust (note to self: buy a Henry next time as now advised by the builder who had assumed my collection of vacuum cleaners was some sort of fetish of mine…)

Here’s progress so far:

Until next time…

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