Renovation Diary

What Sam Bought Today: Diary of a Property Renovation (Day 11)

I’m always excited when I start glossing on a project – for no other reason than it symbolises I am starting the final run…

Admittedly, the glossing is perhaps a little premature in some areas of the property – but the fact remains we have started glossing – and that is a great sign!

I am really pleased with the way the fireplace has turned out since it has been skimmed – and I am amazed that my plasterer has managed to do such a great job and keep the place so clean and tidy (he was under strict instructions not to make ANY mess as I am keeping the carpet and had painted a first coat of paint on the walls).

I am sure he thought to himself “Typical bloody woman!”

And on that note – here is progress so far:

Until next time…

    1. Sam

      Thanks Jo, I’m really enjoying this project – even given the tight budget and timeline. It’s a fun and enjoyable project and this is a lot cheaper than the gym 🙂

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