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What Sam Bought Today: Diary of a Property Renovation (Day 5)

It’s only day 5 and there is not a piece of me which does not hurt or ache. It’s like I have been to some kind of Sadomasochistic gym.  I have cuts, bruises, scratches, scrapes and all other manner of wounds in the most unexplainable of places.  And the dirt and dust – I won’t even go there!  But this is what real property development is like – when you get “down and dirty”!

The great thing about “getting stuck in” when you do a development is that it gives you a greater appreciation about what is involved “work wise” and about how long things take to do “time wise”.  I admit, I am not a natural manual labourer and most of the time I employ people to do this work for me, but on this project because of our tight budget and timelines I’m doing as much as I can myself.  And to be frank, it serves as a great reminder as to how hard the work is and how long things take to do.

But I love stepping into the shoes of a “tradesman” because for this short period of time I get to become “one of them”.  It’s hard work – but it’s rewarding – at the end of every day I feel like I have done an “honest” day’s work…in fact, I feel like I have done a “proper” day’s work!  So proper in fact, that every day after we knock off I also feel compelled by the tradesman’s ritual to visit the pub on the way home.  And my God that drink tastes good – it just feels so satisfying and “earned” as I sit there gently sipping from my glass in my paint splattered clothes.

And I know I have been accepted as “one of them” now – as when they pass me by at the pub (in their matching paint splattered outfits) they raise an eyebrow or cock a knowing grin at me – which says – you’re also into S&M.

Here is a progress so far:

Until next time…

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