Unusual Auction Property

The Luxury Military Fort Development

You know I love unusual auction lots – and this Freehold Victorian Sea Fort in the Solent ticks all the boxes for a development with a difference…or should that be defence!

So what’s the deal?


Horse Sands Fort, The Solent, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Horse Sands Fort is one of the largest of four forts in the Solent completed in 1880 as a  military base to protect Portsmouth against the French.  They were never needed for their intended use and thus became known as “Palmerstone’s Follies” after the Prime Minister who authorised their construction. The fort was armed during the 1st and 2nd World Wars then declared surplus by the Ministry of Defence in the early 1960s.

The fort lies South East of Portsmouth in the middle of the Solent approx 15 minutes by boat from Gunwharf Quays and approx 4 miles out to sea.

Robustly built from concrete blocks and granite shipped from Scotland, the fort comprises two floors and a basement and has a circular road along the inner perimeter affectionately known as “The Street”.


Horse Sands Fort offers residents the ultimate in seclusion, fantastic views and a rare chance to reside offshore in this unique and inspiring location.

So what’s the potential?

Planning permission was granted by Portsmouth City Council on 1/4/2004 (now lapsed)  for the conversion of the fort to provide 14 luxury apartments. A second application has been made (currently pending) which provides for 22 luxury apartments…alternatively this could be a Single Dwelling or Other Alternative Leisure Uses (subject to consents)

So what’s the guide for this luxury military development opportunity: £1,000,000 plus.

Call the auctioneer today for your property viewing – even if you can’t afford to bid it’s got to be worth the day trip 🙂


    1. Sam

      Nigel I am so jealous – I was hoping to get out for a rece on this and ran out of time. I would love to see any photos you have if you are able to share?

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