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The South East London War Zone?

Today I went to see a 2 bed house in central South East London with a guide of £200k.  I know the area quite well and so I knew £200k was a steal for a house here….however I also knew that when the auctioneer states they “will not be held liable for any injury to anybody viewing the property” and that you should “bring a torch” and strong shoes that it was going to be in a state…I was not disappointed!

From the outside the property looks fairly normal – a 2 up 2 down terrace…however you can tell from the fact it’s missing a front door (there’s corrugated iron there) you are going to be in for a treat 🙂

Situated on a pleasant street and within easy access to central London (it’s just on the fringe of zone 1) this property is just a stones throw from a huge range of facilities.

Inside the property it’s a different story….and I’m afraid for my own safety I did NOT venture upstairs and I got out of there pretty quick!

As you will see from what photos I did get – the property requires a back to brick renovation with a HUGE amount of work (and money required)

However – the best sight I have ever seen while viewing auction properties has got to be the TANK in the back garden

Yes A TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Jo King

    And what a lovely tank it is too! LOL!

    You wanted a development Sam so there you are – you might even be able to do a deal with the Planners – “I’ll get the tank removed if I can build in the garden”

  2. Steve Ball


    The guys I work with suggested that you ring a plumber to say you need a tank removed (fixed price), can you imagine thier face when you took them in to the garden? LMAO

  3. Keith Kelly

    Hi Sam, I used to live opposite that tank in Pages Walk and I knew the chap who owns it! It did used to be a very nice shade of pink and is now used as a bit of a local landmark. The properties in that street are very nice and there is a converted school across the road. Good location.

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