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I Lost My Heart In Hertfordshire

Today I was in my lovely home county of Hertfordshire. I have to confess I love the area where I live as we are so close to London, major roads, airports, lots of nice restaurants and bars – and we have gorgeous fields and trees all around.  Also, I know I am biased – but the people around here are lovely as well and there is a strong sense of community spirit.

But back to the house!

So I went to see a 2 bed terraced house built in Victorian times and a few miles from me.  I knew it was an executor sale and so I expected it to be dated. It had a guide of £140k+.

It was dated inside, but had clearly been well loved.

Sadly it was also very small and the rooms felt extremely “cosy”! – especially once you start trying to get furniture in!

The kitchen was a “galley” style (with minimal units) and the bathroom was in a ground floor extension

The stairs upstairs were very cute and cottagey – and just look at the door to go up – it’s more like a cupboard door!

Unfortunately, while cute – probably not very practical and pretty difficult to manoeuvre furniture around!

The bedrooms were an OK size and just needed the usual decor (although you would have to budget for replastering as I’m sure the plaster would come away once you start stripping the wallpaper).  And I think these floorboards would look super once sanded and varnished!

Outside there was a very long garden which had lovely views over the surrounding fields and farmland.

All in all, the house had a lovely pleasant calming and “homely” feel…and I loved the area which was a quiet street in a well regarded village…


Let’s get practical – can you imagine the nightmare you are going to have trying to find a car parking space close to the house. I had to park and walk 5 mins to the house and that was during the day when most people are at work.

Look at this!

Also – let’s think about it – do people really want to live in such a small house with their modern “big” furniture??

So I stopped day dreaming about times gone past and how I could spend my days (if I lived there) making soup and jam, reading novels and philosophising about life and got realistic – and that meant putting my builders hat on. And it would be literally!

The only way this house could work is if I did a 2 storey extension and got some extra space! Planning shouldn’t be too difficult given a precedent has been set by the neighbours.

But is it a good use of capital? I have to admit – no – I don’t think it is. The house refurb and extension would probably cost me the best part of £50k and I can think of better projects which I should spend it on.

However all was not lost – on the way to the property I saw a lovely looking pub/ restaurant which I decided I should visit for a meal. I am pleased to report that The Rusty Gun had the most delicious food, lovely surroundings, wonderful staff and is a fabulous example of modern-rustic pub conversions!

If you are in the area – check it out.

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