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How to lose Facebook friends and alienate people using Social Media

Today I thought it would be nice to start a facebook group for What Sam Saw Today – Confessions of a Property Developer

I thought it would be fun to have a group on facebook and for maybe some other people to share their confessions…

And so I spent ages trying to work out how you create a group – I haven’t got as far as filling in what sort of group it is, or contact details or anything like that as frankly I haven’t got a clue! I see other people have got these bits filled in so I figured I would call a friend later to find out what I am meant to do…

In the meantime I thought I should invite some people to join the group – so I looked at my friends list and pressed the “Invite people” button or so I thought…

It was only after several hundred “invites” later that I had a post on my wall:

“How have you added me to a group that I haven’t requested to join?”

I was stunned…Frankly I didn’t have a clue

And so I had to answer the honest truth

“I am sorry I don’t know how I added you – I thought I was inviting you”

To which she replied that it had happened to her last week and it was a site which was, shall we say, “unsavoury”

Now I don’t really think my group or my site is “unsavoury” there may be some flipping ugly houses and terrible decor but that’s about it!

Anyhow my first post to the group has now had to be a rather shameful apology – not really the best start for my facebook group!

And so I have no idea what I have done, I seemed to have added people when I thought I was inviting them…

So if I have added you to my facebook group – please don’t think ill of me – I thought I was inviting you 🙂

  1. Neil Ellis

    Don`t worry Sam I`m in the same boat I haven`t a clue on Facebook. That`s why I`ve just employed Paul as a marketing manager, now maybe I won`t make as many mistakes!
    Good idea with the confessions of… I think we`ll have a laugh at a few.

    Best of luck

    Quickest Property Sale

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