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Today I didn’t get out of the car to see a flat in Peckham

Today I saw a flat for sale in London with a guide of £80k. I knew 2 things at that point – either it was going to be really, really bad or it was a “come-and-buy-me-price” from the auctioneer. I checked on google maps before I left and saw it was in an ok area of Peckham.

And then I arrived and saw the flat:

Yes – I was in a concrete council sink estate

At this point you become 1 of 2 types of investors

1. Mad to buy – just imagine collecting rent arrears in a place like this!

2. Normal.

So I am normal – I stayed in my car (doors locked) looked out the window and took a few photos. Sometimes you have just got to know when a property is not worth looking at!

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