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The Boat Park Joint Venture…That Never Set Sail :)

Most people know I will try my hand at most things in property…but buying a boat park was a new one on me!

I saw my friend in London – he was very excited…

“I have just sent you an email just 2 hours ago – it’s about a great business we should do together” His eyes were glistening – he was so excited.

That made me excited.

“Wow sounds great what is it?” I asked

“A boat park in Weymouth!!” He exclaimed

I was momentarily stunned – of all the things I thought he was going to say a boat park in Weymouth was not one of them!

I got home and looked through the details he had emailed. It looked fab – it also came with part of the beach.

But then I started doing the sums…and I realised this was more of a business venture rather than a property deal.

I called him to discuss…

“So this boat park in Weymouth – have you actually been to see it”

“Yes it was lovely….” and he trailed off

“The thing is they are developing a big marina by the port so I don’t think this boat park will work” He sounded disappointed

“Well, look” I said “I don’t really have the time to run a boat park business so shall we just *park* this one for now” (hehehehehe pun intended

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