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Today I am kicking myself!

Today I am still kicking myself for not attending an auction last Thursday…basically I have been considering opening another agency branch in Cheshire for a while now. Then I was flicking through the catalogues and I came across a cute little shop in a town just 10 miles from where we are based for just a £50k guide!

Had a chat with Karen my office manager and she LOVED the idea and convinced me to do a drive by…so I went and I FELL IN LOVE

It was central in the town centre, had great road visability – and was in pretty good condition…I could just hang a sign and open up!

And so I went back and told Karen all about it….and then I admitted I would have to postpone our refurbishment plans of the current office so that I could fund the set up of this.

“NO WAY” she replied. “I’m not supporting a new venture without you finishing this building first”  She made some sensible points and we agreed that I would leave it and if it did not sell at auction make a cheeky offer after…

On the day of auction I was still desperate to go, but Dimi my partner was not keen until I had finished the major refurb of our current offices…I sensed a theme and decided to heed their advice

My “what-was-not-meant-to-be-lovely-new-shop-in-Cheshire” sold for just £40k

I am SO totally gutted :..(

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