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Canning Town Repo

Today I saw a flat at Canning Town, it was being sold at auction and looked quite a good buy. (It was available for C.£78,000). We had a nightmare getting in as the repossession company had changed the locks so the agent couldn’t get me in first time (GRR – I had done a 120 mile round trip!).

It was quite a modern build – well about 30-40 years old:

And given the price and location I went back the next day – you can’t keep me away from a potential property bargain!

it was dated – here’s the kitchen:

And it had water damage (think it was a leak from upstairs flat and then lack of ventilation has compounded problem)

But the flat was an adequate size – here’s the lounge, bedroom and bathroom:

So I decided to put in an offer BUT somebody had just pipped me to the post an hour before!! (Double GRR)

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