I’d love to write a guest post for What Sam Saw Today – how do I do that?

I do not accept guest posts.  All content produced on the site is original and written solely by me.

I’d love to advertise on What Sam Saw Today – how do I do that?

I do not accept advertising on the site.

I’d really love you to feature my company/ product/ service/ idea on What Sam Saw Today – how can I do it?

If you really do have an amazing idea/ company/ product/ service then get in touch and I will take a look and see if it may be of interest to me and my readers.  But note I do not accept any form of advertising or guest posts.

Where do you get your ideas for blog content from?

All of the content on What Sam Saw Today is original and written by me.  Most of my content comes from experiences in my everyday life – stuff I have seen and/or experienced.  I am a property auction addict, developer, landlord and writer.  I love sharing my stories bad/good/funny/sad and hope by sharing that it will help you benefit – or in the very least think about property from a different angle.

I hear you’ve got a book deal – can you tell me more?

I have book publishing deals for How to Buy Property at Auction and Property Investment: The Essential Rules (Constable Robinson: 2014).  I am currently in talks for more.

I think I’ve seen you in the Evening Standard Homes & Property – are you the same Samantha Collett?

Yes, I do write a regular fortnightly property auction column for the Evening Standard.  I love sharing my property auction tips!

I would love you to write for us too – can you do that?

I LOVE writing and would be happy to talk to you about any features/ articles/ ideas you may have.  Get in touch: [email protected]

I would like you to comment on a news article, feature on a radio/ tv show – are you up for that?

Yes, yes, yes.  I love talking and sharing my opinions so get in touch.

I want to become a property millionaire – will you train me?

Sorry no, I do not offer any form of courses.  I share my experiences and ideas on my blog and through my writings to give you the ideas so that you can make your own millions!

I’ve got feedback on What Sam Saw Today – how do I tell you what I think?

All posts are comment enabled so you can leave feedback freely, however if you want to talk to me more generally about the site and tell me your feedback then please get in touch.  I am always happy to listen to ideas on how to improve or any ideas/ topics you would like to see featured.

You’re really cute – where do I send the marriage proposal?

Aww shucks…thanks, but I am happily in love and with a super hot boy who treats me well 🙂

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