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Why Do Estate Agents Treat Vendors Like Born Again Suckers?

24 Oct


Maybe it’s me.

Maybe I just don’t fundamentally understand estate agents.

Maybe I have missed that little rule book which every property seller, bar me, should have read before they instruct an estate agent.  I think it’s a little rule book that goes something like: we will list your property, do naff all about selling it, until the day you have enough, sack us, and then we will propel ourselves into a flurry of activity that would make a manic ADHD sufferer look tame. (more…)

Why You Need To Have Your Insurance Company On Speed Dial

24 Sep

broken building

Insurance is a tricky subject.

You want to make sure you’re covered, but you’re never quite sure if you are.  Until things happen.

Which they invariably do. (more…)

13 Random Things You (Probably) Never Knew About Moscow

27 May

 1. Moscow gets really, really hot

moscow is hot

2.  Muscovite women wear the sexiest, uber cool shoes EVER!!!

hot shoes (more…)

Is NOW A Good Time To Buy Property In London?

22 May

So I’ve been trying to buy a little pad in central London for a while now.  You may remember the whole saga I had last year of the flat in Bloomsbury where I got outbid by a Hong Kong investor.

I didn’t want to bore you with all the stuff after the auction action – but a lot of stuff happened.  Well, that’s a slight over-statement – a lot of stuff happened – but nothing actually happened, if you get my drift.

The truth is, I went to see a lot of properties, but none of them fitted my criteria.

The other half grew exasperated as I grew more determined in my search.  And more selective.  In the end I had narrowed my hunt down to seven-odd streets.


That’s what I told the other half he lacked as he tried to widen my Rightmove search tool to include Mornington Crescent and Camden.  I slapped his hand hard from my laptop and gave him “the look”.


Get Hip To The Hop: The Freestyle Mortgage Carnage Rap

15 May

Random tweets lead to random adventures.

Which is why I found myself at myhomemove’s ‘Brick and Click’ annual conference 2014 in the Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham.

I would share the fab titbits I picked up from the great speakers (Bruce Harryman from John Lewis was a particular highlight) but drinking until the early hours of the morning has played havoc with my ability to string a coherent sentence together.

So, instead I share with you The Freestyle Mortgage Carnage Rap which Chris Turner did on the fly at the gala dinner (and yes I freely admit I was holding my phone the wrong way round…but just listen anyhow – this guy is great!)