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I Hate Needles, But I Loved My First Acupuncture Session!

12 Feb


Groupon makes you buy the weirdest stuff.  Which is why I cannot be a full-time member.  That, and the fact I cannot stand being bombarded so much by strange stuff I don’t want to be enticed into thinking I need.

Anyways, just before Christmas I found myself signing up again to Groupon (I consider myself a “dipper” in that respect; I dip-in-and-dip-out of membership) and finding myself a bargain of a massage, and feeling in need of some treat-me time I quickly bought up a “Meridian Massage” at a place just down the road from me. (more…)

If You Want To Buy A Houseboat, This Is NOT How You Do It!

21 Jan

I love a bargain.  Especially when it involves property.

And so wanting to follow my own advice of last week (investing in property locally) I decided to do some sniffing around on the net and see what I could find for less nearby.

I didn’t get very far before I spotted a one bed for just £29,995 in Broxbourne, EN10.  Broxbourne is a pleasant town in Hertfordshire and is just down the road from me.  It’s not an area I know so well, but it’s pretty close to the Easy Buy To Let Property and so it fits geographically.  Critically (for me and my buying criteria) Broxbourne has a regular train service to London (Liverpool Street) with a journey time of just 32 minutes.

Of course, there was a catch.

The property was a houseboat.

houseboat for sale hertfordshire (more…)

Walkie Talkie Wonderland: Inside London’s Highest Roof Garden (And My New Fave Bar!)

13 Jan

When it comes to big, tall buildings London isn’t really up there with the likes of New York – where you literally break your neck trying to catch the roof tops.

But, the low-profile skyline of London has been changing in recent years with more and more developers clambering for the moon.  The opening of The Shard in 2013, an 87-storey skyscraper standing approx. 309 metres (1,014 ft) high – heralded London as home to the tallest building in the European Union.

walkie talkie buildingThe Walkie Talkie building (so called because of it’s shape) is located at 20 Fenchurch St.  The 34-storey building is approx 160 m (525 ft) tall and while only being London’s fifth tallest building – it is home to London’s highest roof garden. (more…)

Want To Know A Secret?

5 Nov

sweetie_belle___squee__by_martybpix-d4piscrI think I may *burst*.

Like, seriously.

I am so full of excitement, happiness and hope I daren’t touch anything sharp.

I just may well pop!

And I really hope you will share in my excitement.

I’ve been working on a secret squirrel project for yonks – and it’s a *thing* which loads of you have asked me about over the years.

It’s a *thing* which I always wanted to give you.  To share with you.  So you could join with me on a great new adventure. (more…)

Would YOU Spend The Night In This Creepy House?

31 Oct

Picture the scene…

You’re on holiday in Scotland.  You’re in an old graveyard and you see a burnt out house next door.

Would you dare enter?

Glebe House copy

WSST intrepid blog reader Jools did (@cardifflandlord) and it’s to him, I owe a massive thanks for sharing his Spooktacular story and photos.  And what hauntingly good timing given it’s Halloween today!! (more…)