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Can Property Pay Your Wages?

17 Feb


It’s an apt question that many people ask themselves.  In these times of booming property prices and soaring buy to let rents it’s no wonder so many people have opted to invest in bricks and mortar over volatile stocks and shares.

So when IWC (the makers of Kirsty and Phil’s Location, Location, Location) approached me to be a property consultant for the show they were making “Can Property Pay Your Wages?” for Channel 4, I said “Yes”. (more…)

How I Pimped Up My Buy To Let Property On The Fly

11 Feb

“It needs the landlord to attend to see how bad it actually is.”

That’s what the email from the maintenance company said to the letting agent.

As the landlord of the said property, this line didn’t fill me with warm, fuzzy feelings.

It instead, left me with a feeling of dread.

Especially when the said property is some 120 miles away from home.  (This is just one real downside to remote property investment).

I cast my eyes back over the rest of the email to look for any sign of hope.  There was none.  It was literally a litany of shit.  Which was going to cost a whole load of money to put right.

“Bollocks” I thought to myself. (more…)

How To Quickly Tell If A Million Pound Property Development Is Going To Make You Any Money

28 Jan

“We’ve just taken on a probate property yesterday.  It’s on at £750,000, but when done, you’re looking at a million pound property”.  Said the estate agent.

With a £250,000 paygap it sounded like a property development that needed to be seen.

But here’s the thing – there’s really only one question you need to ask yourself when presented with a potential property development: will it make money?

So here’s the property – a three bedroom semi-detached in Northfields, Ealing, London. (I’ve switched to doing a lot more videos lately because it gives you a better idea/ memory of what the property was actually like.  Photos are still really useful – but more so in terms of specific areas of focus, or issues you want to highlight).

As you can see, the property is in need of some works! (more…)

The Easy Buy To Let Property Experiment: Before And After Photos

12 Aug

Is there any such thing as an “easy” buy to let?

That’s what prompted this property experiment – the subsequent purchase of a property before auction and the proceeding renovation tales!

While the project may have been completed ahead of scheduletenanted in double-quick time (from day of purchase to tenanted status in 6 weeks) and has been rented ABOVE the initially expected rental of £1300-1400pcm at £1450pcm, it has not all been plain sailing. (more…)

9 Tips To Finishing A Property Renovation Ahead Of Schedule

7 Aug

I cannot think of a time in my life when I have completed a property renovation and said:

“Well, that didn’t take as long as I thought it would”.


And I cannot believe I am saying it now.  But I am.

This project was run differently to my norm, so I thought I’d share with you what I did to achieve ahead of schedule success!  And just in case you’re wondering – I thought this project would take at least 6 weeks to complete with additional workers and actually took just 5 weeks – with LESS workers!!

So how did I do it? (more…)