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If You Want To Buy A Houseboat, This Is NOT How You Do It!

21 Jan

I love a bargain.  Especially when it involves property.

And so wanting to follow my own advice of last week (investing in property locally) I decided to do some sniffing around on the net and see what I could find for less nearby.

I didn’t get very far before I spotted a one bed for just £29,995 in Broxbourne, EN10.  Broxbourne is a pleasant town in Hertfordshire and is just down the road from me.  It’s not an area I know so well, but it’s pretty close to the Easy Buy To Let Property and so it fits geographically.  Critically (for me and my buying criteria) Broxbourne has a regular train service to London (Liverpool Street) with a journey time of just 32 minutes.

Of course, there was a catch.

The property was a houseboat.

houseboat for sale hertfordshire (more…)

How To Find Your Buy To Let Pot Of Gold At The End Of The (Local) Rainbow

15 Jan

“How can I find a property which is going to make me money?”

That’s the most common question I hear from people wanting to get into buy to let.

Finding property to buy is easy – there are plenty on the market for sale.  But, finding decent property to buy which will make you money is the hard part.  And that’s the gem which everybody is after.

The truth is, it comes down to the bare facts: research, research, research – and a dash of luck!

Making money from property

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3 Top Survival Tactics To Help You Thrive In Property This Year

7 Jan

2015 is going to be an *interesting* year, so in the spirit of all things survivalist  – here are my top 3 tactics to help you survive and thrive in property!

1. Uncertainty is the new certainty

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How To Increase The Rent And Still Keep Good Tenants

3 Dec

scared face

“I’m sorry, we need to talk about the rent”

Was my opening line to the tenant.

And I meant it.

Having owned the property for several years, even I was shocked by the 25% increase in the rental market in the last year.  Which equates to a three-digit sum.  But then, this is London – where prices can and do skyrocket overnight.

But businesses are not built overnight and good customer relationships take years to build. (more…)

The Power Of Positive Property Thinking

12 Nov

Glass_half_full_kind_of_dayToday I am sharing with you a completely different post, to the post I was originally going to share with you.

And which I was *almost* ready to hit the publish button on.

Then I read it back.  I had a cup of tea and I thought to myself: “Really?”

The reason being, the post I was going to share was about my landlord week from hell.  It was, I thought to myself – a warning – that if you thought property investment was easy or passive – here is the reality check. (more…)