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HTTP 404 Not Found Error: 10 Reasons You Did Not Expect To Be Here!

10 Mar

If you’ve found this page, chances are, you probably weren’t expecting this.

That’s what a recent check of my search terms has taught me.  And they make for interesting reading (hmm how sad does that make me sound!)

Anyway, I’m happy you’ve found me – whether you’re here on purpose or by accident.

Here are my favourite search terms for how people find What Sam Saw Today:

pigs that are Bulgarian

I don’t remember writing about Bulgarian pigs, but 30 squillion of you can’t be wrong


The Importance Of Having A Tenant Guarantor (If You Want To Get Paid!)

4 Mar

3 years into a tenancy you would figure that you pretty much know a tenant.


This isn’t so.

And that is because in that time period not enough stuff has happened for the tenant to react to.


What do I mean by that?

Well, as a landlord, you truly get a measure of a tenant when the shit hits the fan, and they don’t know what to do about it. (more…)

Income or Capital? What Do YOU Want From Property Investment?

24 Feb


With all the talk of sky-high buy to let returns, it’s easy to get overly excited and rush to buy the first property you think you can make a buck on.

But, wait.

Before you barrel in with any property purchase, it’s critical to first think to yourself: Why?

Why am I investing in property? (more…)

Can Property Pay Your Wages?

17 Feb


It’s an apt question that many people ask themselves.  In these times of booming property prices and soaring buy to let rents it’s no wonder so many people have opted to invest in bricks and mortar over volatile stocks and shares.

So when IWC (the makers of Kirsty and Phil’s Location, Location, Location) approached me to be a property consultant for the show they were making “Can Property Pay Your Wages?” for Channel 4, I said “Yes”. (more…)

I Hate Needles, But I Loved My First Acupuncture Session!

12 Feb


Groupon makes you buy the weirdest stuff.  Which is why I cannot be a full-time member.  That, and the fact I cannot stand being bombarded so much by strange stuff I don’t want to be enticed into thinking I need.

Anyways, just before Christmas I found myself signing up again to Groupon (I consider myself a “dipper” in that respect; I dip-in-and-dip-out of membership) and finding myself a bargain of a massage, and feeling in need of some treat-me time I quickly bought up a “Meridian Massage” at a place just down the road from me. (more…)