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Leeds Landmark “The Red Bus Cafe” Is To Be Sold At Auction

I’ve got be honest, despite the auction description saying “most will have eaten here at some point”, I haven’t. But, I’ll let them off and assume that’s only if you’re local to Leeds. I also have never driven past it, which they “surely” say I must’ve done.

Well, I haven’t. And obviously I’ve missed out.

But if you’re local to Leeds, maybe you know it? Maybe you’ve “surely” driven past or most definitely eaten here?

Even if you haven’t done either of those things, you can now buy The Red Bus Cafe, which the auctioneers state “will be of interest to investors and those looking to set up their own business”.

What you’re buying is a fully fitted double decker bus with ground floor kitchen and upstairs seating area.

Now, when you put it like that, it sounds a pretty awesome auction purchase. It’s a bugger there’s no mains facilities available, however there is power to The Red Bus Cafe by way of a generator housed in the container. That’s also included as part of the sale.

The Red Bus Cafe is situated immediately off the A64 York Road. That means if you’re driving past look for it. If you’re hungry eat in it. Or if you really want to go to town, buy it.

The property is being sold on the 5th February with a guide price of £1,000+. For more details contact the auctioneer.

The Red Bus Cafe, York Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS14 3AE

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