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This Ramshackle Corrugated Iron Shed Has More To Offer Than What First Meets The Eye!

I know at first sight this looks like a ramshackle corrugated iron shed. And you’d be right. It is. But it’s the location of this ramshackle corrugated iron shed which is of most interest.

You see, it’s here:

Right on the banks of the River Brue in Somerset.

Which makes it terribly interesting for any boating fanatic or anybody who likes to be by the water.

In and of itself, the building isn’t much to write home about – it’s a shed approximately 28.2m x 10.5m. But it’s the development potential of the land which is more interesting.

Obviously, any plans are subject to planning and all the usual malarkey, but with a guide price of £80,000+ I think this will make a Brue-tiful place! (With vision and lots of money!)

For more information contact the auctioneer. This property will be sold on the 21st January.

The Old Boat Shed, Clyce Road, Highbridge, TA9 3DL


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