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On the Holy Paint Trail (FMH: 31)

So one of the issues with having more people in town is that there are also more cars in town – this is an issue because sometimes you need to do some jobs that require a car. So I needed to buy a new brolly base, and the thing is these weigh a lot – like 25kg – which is a lot to carry in my little arms for too long.

So having woken early again today I decided I would beat the crowds and try and get into town to bag a parking spot close by the shop. I could not believe my luck when I managed to get the last spot in the place!

So, anyways, as I decided I was doing housey-things, I decided I would go all out and also now try and find the paint I have been using on the walls for the last few years. Off I went again to a multitude of ferreterias who all shook their heads when I showed them the pot and asked if they had anything like it.

Bored of being told “Non” I decided instead to amuse myself by taking my paint pot for a walk and taking pictures.

Heading back after my alternative paint-walk, I remembered one last place I hadn’t tried yet. In I walk and the guy looks at me unsure, but then his colleague nudges him, mumbles some things I don’t understand and in a jiffy he has produced a paint swatch card. He then painstakingly works out which may be the best match for my paint and offers to make it up for me.

I look at him in awe.

“Exactemente?” I ask, disbelieving I had finally found my holy paint grail.

“Si,” he says, and goes off to do his magic behind the scenes.

Of course, I didn’t need the paint right now. I’ve already mixed water into the leftover dried remains and made do – but now I’m ready for next time!

Here’s hoping he worked his magic and I really did find the exactemente match!

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