The Times, Garlic And Fridge Magnets (FMH: 27)

6 Feb

Having picked up a complimentary copy of The Times newspaper from the airport on the way out, today’s mission was to read the paper – from front to back – every story. Given I never usually read a newspaper, I have learned a) it takes ages to read every story b) three hours later and I’m still not even half-way through c) roads will soon be talking to each other.

Anyway, having had my fill of the news I decided it was time to set off to buy some garlic for my garlic butter and black pepper pasta dish. The garlic here is awesome. The bulbs are properly bulbous and the garlic is the freshest and yummiest ever.

En route I took a random selection of photos:

And admired the cactus fridge magnets.

And decided I had found more happy 🙂

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