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What Would Be Your Belly Dance Around A Coffin? (FMH: 25)

So today it was time for our relatives from abroad to return home. Having waved them off it was a busy time for me to get everything ready for my trip tomorrow to Fuerteventura. Having packed everything up I decided to check in with my mum.

She tells me how she’s just been to a funeral and they have belly danced around the coffin.

“The vicar said he’d never seen anything like it before!” She exclaimed.

“I can imagine,” I replied, pondering on the sight of my mum and her fellow belly dancing friends dancing around a coffin in a church.

“Belly dancing was such a passion of hers though, so it felt appropriate as the send off,” she continued.

We talked some more about the service and the wake, and focussed on the details, rather than the magnitude of the meaning of life.

But it did get me thinking: What would be my equivalent of a belly dance around my coffin?

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