Finding More Happy

Going to Greenwich (FMH: 23)

One of the upsides of being a landlord is you can do your work wherever. As long as you have a phone and access to the net, you can trouble-shoot anywhere.

So today, I decided to find more happy and take my overseas visitors to Greenwich.

It was a gloriously sunny day – the perfect day to be a tourist in London.

We started with a river boat ride on the clipper from Embankment to Greenwich Pier.

After a look at the Cutty Sark, we wandered around the Naval College and Chapel.

Heading up the steep path to the Meridian line and observatory we were disappointed to learn it was £15 to step on the line. So we took a photo of the photo of the Meridian line (and what we would see behind the wall) and decided to save ourselves the cash.

Back down the hill we explored the Maritime Museum and Queen’s House before enjoying a beer on the waterfront overlooking the Cutty Sark.

Being a landlord can have it’s downsides – but the benefit is being able to do your job while having a day out 🙂

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