Finding More Happy

Planning More Happy With…Guacamole (FMH:4)

It’s only been a few days, but the most amazing thing has happened – at the end of every day, not only am I reflecting on the more happy I’ve found, but I’m also planning the next day’s more happy I will find.


I cannot believe in such a short timeframe that is possible!

Now every day, I find I am looking for the little things that will increase my happy levels – and I seem to find them in so many things. And I’m not talking big things, just simple, small things. Perhaps it’s an awareness – or maybe an appreciation and a level of gratitude, but whatever it is, it’s brilliant – and makes me even happier *big smiles*.

So, today – I can’t wait. I feel my happiness quota and anticipation of how the day ahead will pan out is even higher than usual. I think this is because I am looking for happy moments more!

Anyway, I’ll have to finish this post when the day has ended, but for now, I just wanted to tell you how excited I am that my day has started. Wahay!!


Update: In preparation for my vintage board game day tomorrow, I realised I didn’t have guacamole. I popped to the Aldi that’s just opened down the road.

Scanning the shelves, I found mountains of humus, but no guacamole. Disaster.

“Excuse me,” I said to the shelf assistant, “do you have any guacamole?”

“Sorry we don’t,” she replied, shaking her head sadly.

“No problems,” I said, pondering where I could try next and walked up off the aisle. The next thing I knew the shelf assistant tapped me on the arm and looked at me excitedly.

“You know what I always do?”

I looked at her unsure how to answer and shook my head.

“I make my own – you just need a guacamole, two tomatoes and an onion, it’s delicious!”

I smiled at her watching her head bob about in the excitement of sharing this secret recipe with me.

“OK,” I reply, “I could try that…”

She marches me over to the veg stall and proudly picks up an avocado, two tomatoes and an onion.

“There!” She exclaims, pushing the items into my hands. “You have guacamole!”

I smiled in reply and thanked her. Not at all what I was planning to do – but I’m going to find more happy in trying to make her guacamole recipe!

This will be guacamole


Update: More happy moments found. On a tenant property inspection, I met sugar gliders! I’m not sure they were so happy about being woken for me – but how cute is he in his little sleeping bag 🙂

And I love this photo I took on my bus journey into town:

And then I walked past this sign in a restaurant and decided I should own it:

And then I admired these flowers in the entrance of an art deco restaurant…

And before I knew it, the smartly dressed waitress had ushered me in and sat me at the bar (which hadn’t opened yet) and ordered me a glass of champagne:

I’ve since learned Bob Bob Ricard is the original champagne ordering bar…you have a push button at your table!

And then I met a friend and drank these cocktails – which don’t even have a name or appear on any menu – because they were made by a top mixologist at Diageo!

And then I had this pizza as a late night snack!

Definitely #findingmorehappy

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