Why I Am Saying Goodbye, For Now

goodbye for now

So writing this post is sad.

And the decision to do it has not been easy – especially not when I’ve got so many super cool stories (and so many more in the pipeline) that I want to share with you.

However, I’m off to start living new adventures and so I’m officially taking a sabbatical…as of now!

You may remember I was meant do this before when I sold the lettings business, but then I got busy writing…and a blog post turned into a book or two!

And life has a habit of racing around you and before you know it, years have passed and you didn’t do what you meant to do.

Which is why I am taking a step back and saying: “Woah, hold on there life – I wasn’t quite ready for you to go so quick!”

So I’m grabbing back control and going off grid for a while.  I’ve got some cool ideas, adventures and travel plans.  There are so many people I want to see, chat with…places to dine, drink, dance…fun to make and experiences to be had.

So this is Goodbye, For Now.

Thank you so much for all your support, love and encouragement over the past few years, it’s been awesome.

Until next time x

  1. Sara

    Sorry to see you go (for now) but wishing you many happy adventures and hope you drop in and let us know what you’re up to every now and then. HAPPY TRAVELS!!!

  2. Colin

    Hi Sam, I’m a recent convert to your site (and a couple of books from Amazon!) but I think its a great decision:

    There are so many people I want to see, chat with…places to dine, drink, dance…fun to made and experiences to be had.

    Now THAT is what life is all about. My very best wishes and ENJOY@

  3. Property Saviour

    Hi Sam,

    I have just come across your blog and I have to say, property is a lonely business and you have made it entertaining!

    Your posts are full of real life knowledge. And I look forward to reading the rest of the posts.

    You enjoy your well deserved sabbatical. Is it a year long sabbatical or 2 years? You enjoy it!

  4. Doug

    Hi Sam
    Read your ‘What’s your Why’ article and thought it was so relevant. After an exciting and profitable time in construction and housing I had a ‘Whats your why’ moment too. I knew I had to get out or start making big mistakes with focus drift. I still loved everything about it however but realised the burnout was because I like people and messing about with their homes was too messy and stressing when I no longer needed it financially.
    I reinvented into commercial property and take a great kick out of splitting up big units etc and helping tenants buy their own property. The money I then use for things I like like big environmental projects and buildings I admire.
    Take a step back and reinvent the future as you are doing; the world ain’t going away but we only live once. Brave decision, well done and my best wishes for the future.

    1. Sam

      Hi Doug, thanks so much for your comments and also sharing your “why”. I especially adore this: “Take a step back and reinvent the future as you are doing; the world ain’t going away but we only live once.” So true!

      The project you’ve established at Buckland Lake Reserve is fantastic and preserves and protects so much for the future. I take my hat off to you.

      Keep up the awesome work!!

    1. Sam

      Yes, thanks I did. Nessebar looks gorgeous. Will make a note for future reference. I have not made your comment public as you have included your telephone number.

  5. George

    Hey Sam! I’m really not glad to read this :/ I’ve been coming here for years looking for your great articles and thoughts. I hope that you are going to find some time and inspiration to bring us something again 🙂 Cheers

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