HTTP 404 Not Found Error: 10 Reasons You Did Not Expect To Be Here!

10 Mar

If you’ve found this page, chances are, you probably weren’t expecting this.

That’s what a recent check of my search terms has taught me.  And they make for interesting reading (hmm how sad does that make me sound!)

Anyway, I’m happy you’ve found me – whether you’re here on purpose or by accident.

Here are my favourite search terms for how people find What Sam Saw Today:

pigs that are Bulgarian

I don’t remember writing about Bulgarian pigs, but 30 squillion of you can’t be wrong

if i had a drugs rade when do they let me out

That was a tenant’s drugs raid I hasten to mention.


best stair stripe carpet

Admittedly, I do have an obsession with stripey stair carpet


pissed off wiv hmrc

I may have expressed these sentiments


is it safe to put wood next to my woodburner

A question I don’t remember asking or answering.


pictures of caution tape



best feet massage girls in Bangkok

My long-tail tells me I probably shouldn’t have shared my experiences in a Bangkok brothel


Gypsy suck

It’s like a different language


gypsy horses

And I just don’t speak it…


peacock manor porn movie

Not my speciality subject. This blog will disappoint.

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